„Quick, good and at reasonable price. You can choose only two of them” Mum’s Mill is the exception. Yes, you can prepare good bakery with Mum’s Mill flour mix.


Can I bake the bread in a bread maker machine?
Not all bread maker machines mixes well. Therefore we suggest mixing the dough using a whisk (or dough hooks) and let the machine bake only.

How long is the bread fresh?
The bread made from Mum’s Mill is fresh for days. No need to put the bread into the toaster on the second day.

I baked a bread and something went wrong. What is the reason?
The water was too cold, too hot, or the water was too much or not enough. (Use warm water warm 37ºC/99ºF and 1:1 flour: water ratio). Or the flour mix was stored on a warm and/or humid place. (Store it in a cool, dry place)

The bread is too flat. Why?
The water was not enough. The water was not warm enough. The time was too short to rise.

The bread is too high. Why?
The water was too much. The time was too long to rise.

The bread is sticky inside, it seems it is unbaked. Why?
The flour mix contains lot of fibre. That is the main reason. Cut only after it gets cold.

Is there any way to delay the bread getting dry?
Keep the bread in the fridge. It delays the retrogradation.

Can I use recipes based on wheat flour?
Yes, but use more liquid. Mum’s Mill flour takes more water, milk, etc. than wheat flour.

Is there any fibre in Mum’s Mill flour mix?
Yes, Mum’s Mill flour mix is rich in fibre: 4 grams /100 g (In ready products appx. 2,5g/100g). Eating 200 grams bread covers 20% of suggested daily intake. Psyllium is one of the best natural fibre sources.

How to store the flour mix?
Please keep it closed on a cold and dry space.

What is E464?
E464 is a thickener based on celluloid.

What is E491?
E491 is an emulsifier.

Do I need to use yeast with Mum’s Mill Quick Bread Mix?
No. The Quick Bread Mix contains already yeast. This makes the preparation easier and quicker.