The product is gluten free Bread Mix, intended for baking gluten free products. Mum’s Mill Quick Bread Mix to be used to make gluten free bread and bread products such as rolls, pizza bases, etc. (Mum’s Mill leaflet)

Yeast already in the mix

The Quick Bread Mix includes already yeast therefore it is much easier to use it for baking. For baking bread add water only and mix well. No more worries about the changing quality of yeast. A mix included high quality yeast to ensure that the bread, cakes and pastries are always good. The key to success is the volume of water and thorough mixing. Relieve the problem, we often hear: “It is not done properly due to the bad yeast.” “The yeast is old; the dough did not rise properly.” You can use Mum’s Mill for bread, pizza, cake, pancakes, etc. The bread the pastries and the cakes are delicious, soft and fresh for a few days.

Rich in fibre

Mum’s Mill flour mixture contains 4 g per 100 g dietary fibre. (The finished product contains about 2,5 g/100g). Consuming 200 g bred covers approx. 20% of RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) The husk of psyllium contained in the mix is one of the best natural source of fibre.

The ingredients

Rice flour, potato starch, potato flakes, psyllium (Plantago ovata), yeast, dextrose, salt, E-464, E-491
Average nutritional value per 100g: energy: 1389 kJ (335 kcal), protein: 6.1g, carbohydrates: 74.5g, fibre: 4g, fat: 0.6g (saturated fatty acid: 0.3g),
sugar: 0.7g, salt: 1.3g.
Only best quality ingredients are used.

Certificate of analysis

Mum’s Mill Quick Bread Mix is 100% gluten free. The mixture is examined by an accredited laboratory. Gluten is not detectable at 5 mg/kg measurement sensitivity. (Test Method: ELISA, gliadin Fast Ridascreen R 7002).
Packaging: 1 kg
Storage instructions: Store in a cool, dry place
Shelf Life: 12 months from production date
Best before: 12 months from production date

How to buy

Please contact  www.drossa.ltd.uk.